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What is PRSSA?


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In 1967, the Public Relations Society of America founded the Public Relations Student Society of America. As the premier pre-professional organization for students in PR, PRSSA allows students to connect with and learn from fellow students and professional PR practitioners.

Since it's founding, PRSSA has 10,000+ members at more than 300 universities across the United States, Argentina, Columbia, and Peru.


The PRSSA Vision

  • Growth — Becoming the largest, most respected, and widely recognized organization for students interested in public relations.

  • Education — Enhancing the future practitioner through classroom preparation, leadership, and experience.

  • Advancement — Moving the public relations profession forward via public awareness, ethics, and diverse representation.

  • Relationships — Aligning with the Public Relations Society of America and forming a free exchange of ideas through professional relationships, practical training, and mentoring.

  • Students — Providing members with national, regional, and local opportunities to network, share ideas, and grow professionally.

Click here for more information on the PRSSA mission, structure and communications, as well as awards, scholarships, and travel opportunities.

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