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Alumni Spotlight: Kelsey Harding

1. What did you study as an undergraduate? I majored in Journalism and specialized in Public Relations and Advertising. I also minored in Marketing and Psychology.

2. What was your extracurricular involvement like at IU? Throughout my time at IU, I was heavily involved with both PRSSA and IU Dance Marathon. I joined PRSSA as a freshman and was a general member my first two years. As a junior, I served as our Treasurer and co-head on the Arts and Entertainment committee, and as a senior, I was our Director of Membership and head of the Greek Media Training committee. Outside of PRSSA, I joined IUDM's Public Relations Committee and was the Media Relations Co-chair my final year.

3. Where has your career path taken you since graduating? After graduating last May, I began my career in Indianapolis at a media agency called Radius Media. 

4. What does your current role entail? Our agency focuses on marketing, advertising and PR for our clients in Indiana and beyond. I work as a content marketing coordinator on a few of our different accounts, ranging from a chain restaurant to an insurance agency. Day-to-day, I write articles for our clients' websites, manage social media pages and help plan overall campaigns. It has been so much fun to apply the things I learned at IU and in PRSSA to my real-life career, and of course learn new things along the way!

5. What are your long-term career goals? Long-term, I hope to continue to learn and grow my knowledge of marketing and PR in Indianapolis (or wherever life takes me!). I'm loving agency life right now, but one day I would be interested to try in-house at a larger company or nonprofit.

6. What did you enjoy the most about IU PRSSA while you were a member? My favorite part was finding a network of other students and young professionals to connect with! The friendships I formed and the pieces of advice I received have continued to impact my life and career even after graduation.

7. How should current PRRSA members prepare for a career in PR and communications? My biggest piece of advice would be to use any and every resource available to you! Go on those networking trips, take a leadership role on a PRSSA committee and attend a resume workshop. You never know where an opportunity will take you or who you might meet along the way. Keep an open mind and stretch the limits of what you think you can handle. I almost didn't apply for the position I have now because it was at a smaller agency, but I couldn't love my job more. Join, learn and try as much as you can now and it will pay off in the future. 


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