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Exec Board Spotlight: Bryn Eudy

Meet our IU PRSSA Vice President, Bryn Eudy! Bryn is a junior pursuing a journalism degree with a concentration in PR and a certificate in business management from the Liberal Arts Management Program (LAMP).

Our Vice President spends most of her days assisting in The Media's School's communications office where she drafts press releases to promote the school, students, alumni and faculty. Bryn also works remotely as a corporate communications intern for Hillenbrand, Inc. where her duties include managing their internal and external websites, designing content and creating document templates.

During her time in high school, Bryn began researching various universities and communications programs. After being admitted into IU, she looked further into the PR curriculum and stumbled upon a link to the IU PRSSA website. She found that the incoming president was a fellow Ernie Pyle scholar like herself. Bryn reached out to learn more about the organization and joined her freshman year. She accredits the sitting president and this positive experience to encouraging her to not only join the organization, but also apply to serve on its executive board.

After graduation, Bryn hopes to work in an agency setting in Indianapolis specifically focusing on healthcare, social corporate responsibility, employee engagement and corporate communications. She plans to eventually transition to an in-house setting that values community engagement and work on internal communications or CSR initiatives.

In her spare time, Bryn enjoys cooking and reading -- her favorite foods to make being pasta and bread. When she's not whipping it up in kitchen, she can be found reading all about travel: the philosophy behind it, first-hand experiences, international reporting, you name it. On the rare occasion that Bryn doesn't have any homework she says, "There's nothing better than meeting up with a friend for coffee or taking a day trip to Brown County."

Her advice to incoming PR students?

Try it.

"Whatever 'it' is," says Bryn. "Try reaching out to that alumni, or taking that class or joining that club. Effort will get you far and it will get you respect. You'll learn more by jumping into new experiences than by sticking to what you're comfortable with."


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