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How to Successfully Tell Your Story and Market Yourself

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

By Alayna Wallace

You are your own brand. Whether you have dreams of working for a corporate company or just owning your Etsy shop, your presence matters. The story you tell is critical. Creating a meaningful narrative allows you to connect with your target audience, reaching those who matter most. As a future PR practitioner, knowing how to tell your story and your client’s gives you the tools needed to excel within the industry. Follow these three tips when showcasing who you are.

1. Refine your social media presence

A picture is worth a thousand words. What you post and why you post it says things about you in more ways than just one. By creating an interactive profile that conveys your personality, you will be able to give friends, colleagues and even recruiters a sneak peak into your life. Many people focus on the personal side of social media, but your profile doesn’t have to be dominated by selfies and group photos. Instead, you can choose to show the world what makes you tick and what causes matter to you. Displaying your passions and convictions will allow you to storytell across platforms with poise while making personal and professional connections.

2. Nail your elevator pitch

Keeping it short and sweet still applies when it comes to your elevator pitch or a quick speech where you sell your skills and experience. Convey your unique traits and skills by forming a narrative. By picking stories that showcase your brilliance, you give higher purpose to your passions and pursuits. The media world is cluttered with noise and the length of attention spans continue to decline. But having your own short, creative spiel allows employers and professionals to get to know you quickly and effectively. They will not only be delighted by your accomplishments, but they will be impressed by your ability to express your credentials in a small time frame.

3. Reach out for guidance

As a college student, you’re not expected to know all the answers. But with thousands of resources at your fingertips, you can do your best to discover them. There are dozens of career-building opportunities on campus, including The Walter Center for Career Achievement and Ambition in Motion, which connects students with a mentor in their professional field. Reaching out to alumni, professors or other professionals gives you first-hand advice on how to tell your story in the best way possible.


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