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Senior Spotlight: Allie Hitchcock

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Majors/minors: Major in journalism, second concentration in history, certificate in global French, specialization in public relations

Company I'll be working with: Oracle (Boston, MA)

Post-grad position title: Business Development Representative

On her time with PRSSA: I heard about PRSSA as a senior in high school when I visited IU, and even though I knew nothing about PR, I realized it seemed to fit all the career goals I envisioned for myself. I joined as a general member freshman year and took advantage of the chance to get involved with exec board as a sophomore, co-directing programming for our chapter. I went on to later serve as chapter president and director of alumni engagement. PRSSA has taken me all across the country (I'll never forget staying in hotels in Austin, Boston and beyond with our cohort!), and I can't believe it's coming to an end.

PRSSA's impact: PRSSA has given me the chance to learn, collaborate and become close friends with like-minded students at IU and beyond.

Through PRSSA I've taken valuable time to reflect on my own growth as a student and future PR professional, I've gotten hands-on experience in actually working on PR campaigns and other learning opportunities, and I've learned about my own strengths and weaknesses and my hopes for the future.

Career goals: ​I'm open-minded about the future! I'm looking forward to growing and progressing in my upcoming position at Oracle and getting a taste of the east coast along the way. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn in any position, so I'm excited to be with a company that invests in its employees' professional development.

An important life lesson learned at IU: I've definitely learned the importance of work-life balance. As I look back on my past four years, while I'm certainly aware of the importance of cracking down and getting work done, I think it's equally important to nurture friendships and relationships along the way. Sometimes it pays to take a night off and kick back with your friends. 

Advice for rising seniors: ​Relax! Don't feel so rushed to be done. Senior year, especially in the past few weeks and months, has gone by incredibly quickly. Walk around campus, call up an old friend from the dorms, reconnect with past professors who impacted you. I sometimes have to remind myself this, but we'll have the rest of our lives to work - appreciate IU while you can. 


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